Rites and rituals, the holy in the every day

Rites and rituals, the holy in the every day

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One Sunday while I was in high school I invited a friend to attend church with me. I felt the need to warn her about two things:

  1. There weren’t a lot of kids our age.
  2. We did this weird thing every Sunday called “Passing the Peace.”

This second one was a great source of embarrassment to me. I couldn’t fathom why we would stand up, walk around and say hello to people. Having no idea that this was an ancient Christian practice, I genuinely believed it was a new-fangled invention dreamt up by a miguided committee late one night.

This week I’m writing about the book Liturgy of the Ordinary over on the What We’re Reading Now blog. While you’re there, see what else Susan has been reading. She and I met last summer at the Beyond Walls conference at Kenyon College and have been friends ever since. (Thank you, modern technology!) She’s got great insights, is a gifted spiritual director and happens to be the only opera singer I know.

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