Prayer Chain People: Prayer Project Week 3

Prayer Chain People: Prayer Project Week 3

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I remember begging my mom to make me a people chain.  It was unbelievable to me that she’d cut out just one person then unfold the paper to reveal a whole chain of people holding hands.  I tried and tried, my little hands anxious to repeat the magic.  Somehow my chain of people always came out as separate little people.  So…the most important thing I can tell you about this project is that your person must reach all the way to the edges, which is actually profound because that’s where connection happens in real life too.

People chain

The rest is easy.

Make your chain of people.  (More detailed directions at the bottom, in case you’ve forgotten.  No judgment, you wouldn’t be the only grown-up who has forgotten this simple trick.)  Practice ahead of time if you need to but if you are ultimately doing this with children, absolutely positively do that part with them.  Magic!  It’s also a great “hook” to get their attention.

Once your chain is made, write down people for whom you’re praying this week.

Wrap up by saying something simple like, “God, bless each of these people” or praying more specifically for each person’s needs.

Prayer people

You can either hang your paper chain up as a reminder to pray for those people every day this week, OR make a new paper chain each day.  This is a great way to really focus on intercessory prayer for a while.

Go barefoot, friends.


Cut a strip of paper. You’ll want it to be as tall as you want your people.  Little strip=adorable little people that older kids will like.  Wider strip=bigger people that will be easier for small hands to write/draw on.

Fold your strip accordion style.  If your folds didn’t come out exactly even, cut off any extra “tail.”

Accordian fold

With the paper folded up, lay it flat.  (Mine is only standing on end so you can see the folds.  At no point do you need to do this.)

Draw a person on the top of the paper.  You can shape the hands and feet a little more but make sure that the hands reach all the way to the edges of the paper.

Cut around the outline of your person–do not cut along the sides where the hands are.

Unfold and viola!

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