Two New Posts, A Mistake and An Apology

Two New Posts, A Mistake and An Apology

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Last week I moved blog hosts. This was almost a completely seamless process, mainly because I had someone else do it for me. The wisdom in this was emphasized when I realized that the one part I was in charge of–moving the follower list to the new platform–didn’t happen. So, here are links to the two posts from last week. The most recent, When Fear Takes Hold, is particularly timely and one I’m passionate about. As always, thank you for reading. Happy Thanksgiving!

When Fear Takes Hold: Finding Compassion in a World of Terror
“Somewhere along the way, I had confused “don’t be afraid,” with “there’s nothing to fear.” Those are two different things and only one of them is the way of Christ.”

A Deep Desire: When Spiritual Fluff isn’t Enough
How many times do we encounter a restlessness in our hearts and try to beat it by flipping on the TV? Gossiping? Reading?

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