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Books About God

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Now a full-fledged kindergartner, my daughter is learning how to read.  She’s soaking up every book, letter and environmental print in sight.  While “Read to me” has always been one of her top requests, it’s now approaching a level of obsession.  “Time for lunch!” I say.  “Read to me while I eat.” She replies.  “Time for a bath.” “Read to me first.”  “Time for bed.”  “Let’s read 4 stories tonight!” 

Yesterday we were in the midst of one of these reading marathons when she came down with a book from my children’s minister days, God’s Paintbrush.  It’s kind of a theological exploration of creation for children.  (Wow, that couldn’t sound any more boring, could it?  But really, it’s pretty good.  I do typically recommend taking one or two pages at a time because it’s long and has questions for kids to think about.  However, we read the whole thing–twice.)  After that she went and got Because Nothing Looks Like God.  So we read that a few times. 

Later, N asked me to read them again.  When she did, she said, “I’m asking to read a lot of God books today because I had almost a whole day away from you and I missed you.”  Now that was one of those gratitude inspiring, wow “how did I do that?” moments.  My deepest wish in the whole world would be that N would discover a faith that is comforting to her in times of difficulty.  Whether that difficulty is being away from me for a day or something more grown-up.  I have no idea what made the connection in her little mind but I’m grateful for it.  It is a brief but profound reminder that kids are spiritual too and one of the greatest gifts is being able to walk that journey alongside them.


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